• What’s New for July

    Do you want to take your child to a drop-in program or find an activity you can do with your children at home or at the park? Our North and South Delta calendars have it all just a click away!

  • Resources in Delta for Child & Youth Mental Health

    Are you looking for help with child or youth mental health? Click here for a list of these resources in Delta.

  • Help Your Child Learn to Help Others

    Ideas & information you can use as your child learns how to help others!

  • New Child Development Resources

    We’ve added some new videos, posters and websites! Click the picture above to learn more!

  • Play

    Play teaches children how to handle their feelings and get along with others, while at the same time having fun.

Activities Calendar

Events are colour coded based on the target audience:

  • Events for everyone are purple.
  • Events for children under six are green.
  • Events for children aged 6-12 are orange. 
  • Events for parents only are red. 
  • Events for child care workers or service providers are blue. 

“Pop Up” Play in the Park

Come on out to a “Pop Up” Play in the Park at Wade Road Park!

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How to “Live 5-2-1-0”!

New “Live 5210” Resources Added!

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If you are looking for preschool or daycare for your child, click here