• What’s New in May!

    See what’s happening this month for you and your child!

  • Help Your Child Learn to Help Others

    Ideas & information you can use as your child learns how to help others!

  • New Child Development Resources

    We’ve added some new videos, posters and websites! Click the picture above to learn more!

  • Play

    Play teaches children how to handle their feelings and get along with others, while at the same time having fun.

  • Talk

    The more you talk and the more words you use, the stronger a child’s language will be.

Activities Calendar

Events are colour coded based on the target audience:

  • Events for everyone are purple.
  • Events for children under six are green.
  • Events for children aged 6-12 are orange. 
  • Events for parents only are red. 
  • Events for child care workers or service providers are blue. 

Food Skills for Families!!!!

Do you want your family to eat a healthier diet, but struggle with the time that takes? Perhaps you need more ideas for quick & healthy snacks. Whatever your need, Food for Families may be able to help! Click to learn more.

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How to “Live 5-2-1-0”!

New “Live 5210” Resources Added!

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