NatureKids BC

NatureKids is an exciting nature discovery program that invites kids ages 5-12 and their families to discover nearby nature on Explorer Day Adventures with local experts, learn about native wildlife and plants in NatureWILD Magazine and take part in environmental actions. Delta Home Learners NatureKids meets up once a month for an adventure in nature, usually on a weekday morning.

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George Mackie Library

(George Mackie Library)(6-12) Knit & Stitch, Lego Club, Story Time, Paws 4 Stories, see website for special events

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Delta School District (Hellings Elementary)

(Hellings Elementary) Strong Start: Strong Start are Free early learning programs that promote growth and development in all areas for preschool-aged children. For dates and times call the school or check the calendar.

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Francaphone School District

Franc Depart: The Franc départ program (Strong Start) is a Ministry of Education initiative implemented by the CSF (francophone education authority) and the FPFCB (Francophone Parents Federation of BC). Its mission is to invite francophone children from birth to age five, accompanied by their adult parent or guardian, to participate in a variety of French-language activities at the Franc départ location, at no cost to participants. Contact for more information.

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