Reach Child & Youth Development Society

Reach Child & Youth Development Society

Services Offered

Reach Child and Youth Development Society is a non-profit organization that has been providing programs and services to children and their families since 1959.  Reach offers and facilitates quality services to children and families, enabling children to reach their full potential.

The mission is to provide early and timely intervention for children with special needs in a family-centered manner; provide choices and ongoing support to children and families; facilitate and support the full integration of all children into our community and exist as a quality community resource for the optimal development of children from infancy onwards.

Reach offers the following programs for school age children, their families and the community:

  • Supported Child Development  and Aboriginal Supported Child Development Programs – Some children may be identified as needing support due to a delay or difficulty in some area of development. Other children may demonstrate some need for support that has not been identified. In these situations, Supported Child Development works with families and child care providers to meet the individual needs.  Aboriginal Supported Child Development works with families whose children are of Aboriginal heritage.
  • Delta Connex – Delta Connex is provincially funded Key Worker Service Program for parents in the community of Delta, B.C., who have children ages birth to 19 who have been exposed to alcohol or drugs prenatally (F.A.S.D./ N.A.S.), have Complex Developmental Behavioural Conditions (CDBC, including children with autism spectrum disorders and mental health needs), or who have no diagnosis but exhibit serious deficits in the areas of development and learning, mental health and behaviour, or adaptive and social skills.  Anyone can make a referral with parental consent to the Delta Connex program.
  • Positive Behavioural Supports – A provincially funded in-home support program for families with children with special needs, including children with autism, ages 3 to 19 who present with behavioural challenges.  Works in partnership with families to develop individualized assessments, plans and strategies for supporting children. The plans and strategies are then implemented by families in their home. To assist families with their implementation of plans provides formal and informal training, modeling, and access to current research and information.
  • Positive Connections – The Reach Positive Connections program provides service to families in Delta, Surrey, White Rock and Langley with children or youth with special needs. It is a free, family-centered program with 4 key components designed to provide families with short term service, focused on parent education and connecting with community resources and support.  The 4 components include Parent Education Classes, In-home Behaviour Consultation, Community Connections and a Sibling Support Group.
  • Social Smart Group (formerly Kids Friendship Club) – Provides a bridge to build opportunities for children with autism to develop and maintain friendships. The Social Smart Group links children with other children in the same age group to meet once a week for one to two hours for ten weeks. During that time, with the guidance and support of a clinical consultant and a behaviour interventionist, the Social Smart Group will play games, socialize, have outings, share snacks, make crafts, and participate in group discussions. The topics of the discussions are chosen to address social and emotional life and development.  Children in the Social Smart Group  must be able to manage themselves safely and independently within a group of 4 children to 1 adult leader. Groups consist of 8 to 10 children.
  • Respite Care – Respite care gives families temporary relief from the challenges of caring for a child with a developmental disability. Whether this relief is for a few hours, a day, a weekend or longer depends on the families needs.  Respite care aims to strengthen the family unit. The program allows families to rest, take a vacation, tend to life’s necessities, or deal with stressful situations such as illness, death or moving.
  • Group Respite – Group Respite is an option for families who would like their child’s respite to take place in a group environment. The Group Respite program gives parents a break and provides an environment that encourages children’s social skills, facilitates friendships, promotes positive self esteem and community awareness, and decreases the possibility of isolation. In Group Respite children will enjoy sports, games, crafts, baking, field trips and other fun activities together.  Includes groups for children 4-12 years and 12-19 years of age.
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