Live 5-2-1-0

New Resources to Live 5210 


See below for some more information and ideas to Live 5210 with your children!


Plan for Spring & Summer Fun Living 5210!


“Living 5210” is about making healthy choices for your child and family, including

  • 5 – eat 5 fruits & vegetables every day
  • 2 – no more than 2 hours of screen time a day (computer, tablet, tv)
  • 1 – play actively at least 1 hour a day
  • 0 – choose healthy, zero sugar-sweetens drinks!

Looking for something to do with your child on a rainy day?  Planning a picnic in the park and looking for some games?   Look no further – the Live 5210 activity ideas below can help!  Find the activity ideas based on the age of your child:

Birth to 1 year old

Raising an active child starts now!  Look at the Activity Ideas and Nutrition pages for ideas.

1 to 4 years old

Your child is busy and learning more every day.  Try some of these Activity Ideas and Nutrition Suggestions

5 to 12 years old

Work with child to set goals for healthy living 5210.  Your child can help think of activities and track how it is going on a Goal Tracking Sheet.  You can find activity ideas beginning on page 13 of the Interactive Toolkit

Get Rewards for Healthy Choices!

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 1.13.32 PMBC’s Ministry of Health & the Public Health Agency of Canada, with partners, have created “Carrot Rewards”, an app to help you make healthy eating & activity choices.  By joining Carrot Rewards, you can earn loyalty points such as Aeroplan® Miles, SCENE®, Petro-Points and More Rewards®  each time you do one of their healthy activities.  To learn more, click here – Carrot Rewards.

Ideas to “Live 5-2-1-0”

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Some simple things you can do to “Live 5-2-1-0”!  Click the link below:

           Ideas to help you Live 5-2-1-0





What is “Live 5-2-1-0”?

Have you asked yourself questions like:

What should my child eat to be healthy?  She will play on our iPad all day – should I let her?   I’ve seen commercials saying it’s important for him to be “active” – what does this mean?  

Now there is one answer to all these questions – Live 5-2-1-0!  Watch the video below to learn more.

If you are looking for preschool or daycare for your child, click here