What’s New in Early Childhood Development in BC

Early Childhood Development in BC

In BC, the Provincial Government, through the Early Years Office and United Way, through Success by 6, invest in the Early Years.  Both work with community groups, like DeltaKids, to promote awareness of the early years (0-6 years old) and how best to support young children & their families.  See what’s new from these groups below!

Early Years Office Videos

The BC Provincial Office for the Early Years has created videos and posters about the importance of this time in a child’s life.  For each video, there is a corresponding poster underneath it (click on the poster name to see it).

Why Are the Early Years Important?

Why are the Early Years Important Poster


Why are the early years a smart investment?

Why are the Early Years a Smart Investment Poster

Do All Children Have an Equal Chance

Do All Children Have an Equal Chance Poster

Success by 6 Articles

Enterprise Magazine, the magazine produced by credit unions in BC, featured the United Way’s Success by 6 initiative in their January editions.  Read what they have to say!

Enterprise Magazine – Success by 6


The article below provides some of the research on why investment in early childhood development produces a greater return than investments made in later life.  It states that “Make greater investments in young children to see greater returns in education, health and productivity”.  Read more:

Invest in Early Childhood Development: Reduce Deficits, Strengthen the Economy

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