Child Development

Child Development

What’s New in Early Childhood Development in BC

In BC, the Provincial Government, through the Early Years Office and United Way, through Success by 6, invest in the Early Years.  Both work with community groups, like DeltaKids, to promote awareness of the early years (0-6 years old) and how best to support young children & their families.  Click below to see what’s new from these groups!

What’s New!

Child Development Milestones Website

The Children’s Therapy & Family Resource Centre, part of the Thompson Nicola Family Resource Society, has added some useful child development milestone information to their website.  Click on the link below to view infant, toddler, preschooler and school age milestones.  

Child Development Milestones

(To find the most appropriate developmental information, please review the milestones for your child’s age group from the menu on the left).

Child Development Milestones Sheets

When children are little it looks like they learn something new every day.   Do you want to know more about what your child is learning?   Find out what is coming next or how you can help your child learn!  Each child development milestones sheet is a quick reference that will tell you:

  • what children learn during this stage of development (e.g. the developmental milestones they achieve)
  • easy activities to do at home to help him/her learn
  • information and ideas about health, safety and nutrition

Click on the link below to learn about the milestones when children are:

The child development milestone sheets were originally developed as ‘wheels’ by organizations on Langley’s early childhood development committee.  We thank Langley for letting us share their hard work with you!

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